Sunday, March 31, 2013


A Prayer for Easter Morning

Oh astonishing God, endlessly Creator,
breaker of patterns, lover of mystery,
God who hides eggs in plain sight,
ever surprising....

You, deep, deep down in the mystery
of the darkest night of sealed and guarded rock,
lighted, first, a spark, then a
flame, sudden forest fire of raging light
enough to wake the dead.

O light of life, eyes,
the soul's windows,opened,
like old Bartimaeus, and one
who was blind sees.

You, deep, deep down in the dark of
sealed tomb, stagnant, fetid air, first,
stone cracks, earth stirs, then,
sudden abyss shattering quake—stone
rolls, air and light rush in
breath sucked back, returned
into the lungs of one three days dead:
new Adam.

You, life giving God, acted, and one,
three days dead, up from the grave
arose, a mighty triumph o’er his foes...

You, astonishing God, on this Easter morning,
this first Sunday,
this new day dawning, this new era,
this new Eden, a world
reborn, hope reborn, despair answered, made
sure that nothing
will ever be the same again:

Crack open our self-dug tombs
roll back our self-protective stones and
let fresh air, clear and clean light, new life
flow into our sorry hiding places

Into the deep, deep dark of our dark despair,
Into the dark, dark deep of our foolish fears,
Into the stagnant air of our comfortable tombs,
Breathe, O Breath, the fresh air of your light;
Breathe, O Breath, the fresh air of your life;
Breathe, O Breath, the fresh air of your love;


Revive us again
Fill our hearts with thy love
Rekindle each soul with fire from above
Hallelujah, thine the glory
Hallelujah, amen
Hallelujah, thine the glory
Revive us again.


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