Thursday, September 20, 2012

First cup--life and computers

I am having computer issues.

My trusty laptop has been getting slower and slower. I think I figured out the other day that I'd "wasted" nearly an hour sitting and waiting for commands to be followed. I did not sit patiently. So, yesterday we traveled to The Mac Store at Clackamas Town Center and met Steven and Duckie, my Macologist. I am now working on my older but still functioning (sort of like me) desk top, waiting for the call that data is transferred and I can begin working with my new and considerably faster machine. Hence, the few days absent from Morning Joe.

Interesting, I think, how our sense of time has changed because of computers. I know that time is an artificial construct. Well, maybe not entirely. "And there was evening and there was morning, the first day" (Genesis 1:5 NRSV). Yet, the clock that ticks away up there in the right hand corner of my screen—and in every room in this house, parsing seconds and minutes, telling me what "time of day" it is--really? I know that there is whole history around clocks and why they matter.... And I really have no idea why I'm writing about this. It is not what I meant to write about, but now I am out of time :) and need to get ready to head out into the wild and wonderful world of higher education at WPC.

(It is a long day beginning with Hum 410 conversations and ending with conversations about spirituality, character, and service. A long day for a nearly 70 year old prof—but, wow! such conversations!)

I'd meant to write about jazz and Merton and the lections--some interesting connections. Perhaps, there will be time for a second cup today.

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